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Power Clenz

A Safe and Effective Hard Surface Cleaner

Superior Concrete & Hard Surface Cleaner

A water-based non-corrosive alkaline cleaner for removing various fluids and some stains from counter tops, concrete, and similar hard surfaces. Safe on all materials (check for color fastness). Very low toxicity lower than baking soda and cosmetics. May be used any where water can be applied. Non-acidic; no chlorine, ammonia, or silicone. Does not produce hazardous fumes. Biodegradable.

DO NOT USE FULL STRENGTH – Dilution Required

Dilution with 3 to 9 parts water (25% - 10% solution) recommended for heavy to moderate soiled condition. Realized efficacy depends on surface contaminants and surface condition. Additional water, up to 24 parts water (4% solution), may improve efficacy depending on surface and contaminants present. Non-Hazardous; Planet, People, & Pet Friendly

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Power Clenz


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