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Power Clenz

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Agricultural and Home Cleaning Products

SAMI began as a company that focused on tech application development. We have expanded to offer products for home cleaning and agricultural animal confinements. All our products are certified GHS non-corrosive, lower in toxicity than baking soda, and environmentally friendly. We offer concentrate in all products saving you money. Please call 252-205-7254 to place your order as we do not store billing information to keep your information secure.

Our Products


Next Generation Animal Agriculture

We offer our NGA Concentrate which has been proven to reduce the odor of urine and manure in animal confinements when added to animal waste in pits, lagoons, and many other animal waste areas. There is and has been a need in animal agriculture for a safe and benign solution to mitigate obnoxious odor, cake, foam, and facilitate maintenance within production facilities so we all can be happier with those that dedicate their lives to supporting the rest of us!

Power Clenz

This a water-based concrete and hard surface cleaner that removes various stains safely. It does not produce harmful fumes and is biodegradable as well.

Industry and Consumer Products

We currently offer remaining inventory for 10M, 30M, and ZM products. After these are out of stock, we will offer improved 10MX, 30MX, and ZMX products. These cleaners designed for hard surface and washable material application are certified non-corrosive, have ultra-low toxicity, and are water-based alkaline compositions. Two of these products control odor in most applications where nuisance odor is present.


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